Map & Info

HOURS:I'm open from 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM. I never close on snow days! I understand just because the schools are closed, doesn't mean your jobs are. (especially nurses and police) All I ask is that you make sure you can make it back to collect your child safely.

MEALS: I serve 3 meals daily as follows

1. AM Snack at 9:00 AM

2. Lunch 11:45

3. PM Snack at 3:00 PM

I do not provide breakfast, however your child may bring their favorite food item and I will store it and give it to them no problem.

Infants: I can provide formula at no extra cost to you. I will of course store any breast milk as well. If you wish to feed your infant on your lunch break, I have a private area for that too. They eat whenever they want, if you have a specific schedule you would like me to keep for feeding times, I will do my best to accommodate this. 

  I receive annual training for healthy choice meals and nutrition. I am held to the high standard for nutritious meals and snacks and am inspected unannounced by the State throughout the year and all menus are approved in advance.

​My menus are posted on the wall for parents to see.


What you get

4833 South Pitch Dr. Rapid City SD 57703 US


Little Cubs

Daycare Preschool

$180 per week per child (regardless of age or potty training needs)

 A deposit of $360 is mandatory, and also covers the first two weeks of care. 

I only offer FULL TIME spots.